Making Boat Storage a Breeze. 

Dry Storage for Boats

You didn’t travel to Corpus Christi to waste time getting your boat in and out of the water. You came to enjoy the beauty and luxuries of boating! Instead of dealing with the hassle of carting your boat to and from the water, store your boat at Bluff Bay Marina. With our premium dry storage units, you can rest assured your boat will be kept safe, secure, and clean.

After a day on the water, your boat will be washed and your motor will be cleared of salt water before being promptly stored. Should your boat need a minor tune-up, we can make sure you're in good working order! Our full-service boat facility is equipped with all of the gas and oil you need for your next adventure.

Bluff Bay Marina: Full Service Boat Storage

Bluff Bay Marina: Full Service Boat Storage

Dry Storage Boat Facility Features:

Bluff Bay Marina - Corpus Christi, TX

Safe & Secure:

Enclosed in our premium storage units, your boat will be kept in pristine condition and safe from salt water, the notorious coastal storms, and Gulf winds. Our units are built to hurricane

Bluff Bay Marina - Corpus Christi, TX

Complete in-and-out Service:

It’s our job to take the nuisance out of boating. All you need to do is give us a call and we will get your boat ready for your arrival. Say goodbye to hauling your boat from San Antonio or Dallas every time you want to escape to paradise.

Bluff Bay Marina - Corpus Christi, TX

Cleaning & Basic Maintenance:

We will make sure your boat is in optimum working order and is waiting for you in the water when you arrive. And when you’re finished for the day, simply tie your boat to the dock. We’ll handle the rest.

I Want to Keep My Boat Safe & Secure.